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I am a Pythonista. I love programming in Python I use Django for web apps, Flask for simple API's. Numpy, Pandas and Tensorflow for Machine Learning and some Plotly, Bokeh, Seaborn for visualizations and dashboards. The python libs for Gui's suck so I stick to HTML, JS, and CSS/Sass. I've built on other frameworks like MeteorJs and Angular2 before I discovered Python and JS got out of control. This site is a static build I borrowed from one of my other projects. It has a custom npm build process to compile Sass, concat external statics, & compress them. I used the BEM methodology and the Sass 7 in 1 pattern, It has its own custom grid layout and custom media query manager. Be sure to check out my data science projects on Github

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I graduated from Harvard with a Bachelors in Economics with a 3.33 gpa. I've spent a rediculous amount of time building models and performing statistical analysis. I have a lot of experience managing remote and high performing teams. Most recently, I managed the Southern California Tranportation and Engineering Departments for Amtrak. My team was 200+ with an annual budget of $40M. I worked closely with dozens of local and state officials to optimize the public transportation system. And I built some awesome scripts to track financials and optimize the workforce schedules. I really enjoy solving backend problems I use Docker with compose for local development and Kubernetes orchestration for Production. I am currently learning GOlang and working on a food ordering app for the Mexican market.
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I am can adapt to your stack quickly. I've built on nginx, gunicorn, node, caddy, uwsgi, php, and ubuntu. Along with dozens of build tools like docker, virtual box, lxc, juju, flannel.

Responsive Designs

Design is not my forte but this site is desktop first with a custom grid and a custom media manager to be beautiful on all viewport sizes. The menu button is also really cool.

Cloud Technologies

Ive launched apps on various cloud infrastructures including AWS and GCP but also Firebase, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Cpanel based and several statics including github pages and netlify.


I love Django's Object relational mapper and SQLAlchemy and I write SQL for data cleaning. Postgres is my go to for production and I've used MariaDB with projects like ERPnext.

Some Cool Projects


Hambre App

  • Django Backend
  • Django Rest API
  • Swift Mobile App
  • Django BootStrap4
  • Social Auth User Login

Hambre App

Hambre is django application created for the mexican market. The Desktop platform allows restaurant to sign up and create menus. It is connected to 2 mobile apps (in production) by REST api. One app allows for delivery drivers to accept delivery orders. The other is for customers to request food delivery and provide payment.

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Real Estate

  • Django Backend
  • Custom Django Admin
  • User Accounts & Auth
  • Multiple Sales Rep
  • Fully Responsive Design

Valle Real Estate

This is a Django App for a real estate company. It's main use is to manage listings for a real estate agency. Coolest feature is the search and filtering tool on the homepage. It also has a custom Admin which allows uploading listings a breeze. The front end is a responsive bootstrap template, Jinja2 templating language allows for listing to be filtered and searched directly from the database. It also allows for users to create accounts and track listing inquiries.

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Flask Blog

  • Flask Blue Prints Model
  • Full User Auth
  • Custom Error Handling
  • User Profile Customization
  • SQL Alchemy ORM

Flask Blog Blueprint

This is a plugable Flask Application which allows developers to add a full featured blog backend to their existing app. It has full user creation and customization support. The frontend was not fully developed it uses Bootstrap as a placeholder. It uses flask wtf and Flask Forms package to create user forms.

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